Win a signed copy of Writers of the Future, volume 32 (plus, info about the wotf32 website)

The incorrigibly English Matt Dovey and I (although mostly Matt) have put together a website for volume 32 of the Writers of the Future anthology, which will feature a story I’ve written (the title of which cannot yet be shared).

The site features author information, illustrator information, blurbs and snippets for each story, and general information about the anthology, as well as where you can pre-order it.


So go check it out: Writers of the Future, volume 32.

Some time in the next few weeks, the site will be updated to feature thumbnail illustrations for each story, as well as information on which 1st place winners wrote which story.

I’d be interested to see if anybody can guess which is mine from the 4 titles featured on the “Stories” page.

In fact! Let’s do a little giveaway.

Everyone who wants to can leave a comment on this post with the title of the story you think is mine, based on the little blurb and synopsis included on the wotf32 website. You can comment with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts, or with a Disqus account if you have one. Or you can comment as a guest if you don’t have any of those.

I’ll give everyone who guesses correctly 3 entries, and everyone who guesses incorrectly 1 entry, and will then randomly select one entry and mail that person a copy of the anthology signed by me and maybe a few other authors/illustrators (depending on if I can get my hands on a suitable copy during the workshop in the first week of April).

So giveaway! Much excite! Wow!

Direct links to the 1st-place stories:
Star Tree

Images Across a Shattered Sea

Squalor and Sympathy

The Sun Falls Apart

I’ll announce the winner on Thursday, April 14th here on the blog. If you want to be sure you don’t miss it, you can sign up for updates using the little “follow” button on the bottom-right-hand corner of the browser window.

(A few details:
1. I will never share subscriber e-mails with anyone, and you’ll get roughly 1 update e-mailed to you per week in the mean-time.
2. Shipping on the signed copy will be free but may be really really slow if you live outside the continental US of A.
3. You will have to give me your address at some point to receive the signed copy, should you win.
4. I will happily purchase a Kindle e-book version of the anthology for the winner instead, if they prefer.

  • Floris Kleijne

    Okay, I’ll play. For one beautiful signed copy of the antho, I’m guessing Star Tree is a Baker story.

  • Aaron Moskalik

    I’ll play as well. I’m going to guess Squalor and Sympathy.

  • Daemon H

    I’m not really up for starting a new account just to leave a comment, so I’m here as a guest. Well done on the website. Good for you.

    Hmmm, I really don’t know, but you’ve got a poetic streak, so I’ll go with

    Images Across a Shattered Sea.

    (Daemon H)

    • You should be able to sign in with a Google account or Facebook, as well.

  • J_Haselden

    Imma guess lmages Across a Shattered Sea.

  • Dantzel Cherry

    Alright, I’ll give this a go….

    Images Across a Shattered Sea.

    The previews are amazing – this anthology is going to be awesome!

  • Stephanie

    My guess is Squalor and Sympathy.

  • Zaan Ali

    I’d guess Images Across a Shattered Sea

  • Steven Lugo

    Not sure if I should play, but I just wanted to say congratulations again!

    • Thanks, Steven! Gave you all at the Gauntlet a shout-out in the ceremony, by the way. :)

      • Steven Lugo

        That’s awesome! I just found the vid on Youtube. Really appreciate it! Would love to hear more about your experience there. Not sure if you do interviews, or the guest blogger thing…?

        • Sure! Shoot me an e-mail if there’s one you want to do. I’ll probably get around to posting about it here at some point in the not-too-distant future, too. (Cue MST3K soundtrack…)