Reprint: Proceedings from the First and Only Sixteenth Annual One-Woman Symposium on Time Manipulation

My weird and somewhat surreal flash fiction piece, “Proceedings from the First and Only Sixteenth Annual One-Woman Symposium on Time Manipulation,” is up today as a reprint at Flash Fiction Online!

This story first appeared late last year in Time Travel Tales, which you can buy on Amazon as an e-book or in print. The anthology has a bunch of excellent stories by other authors as well as mine, so if you like time travel, go check that out as well!

And—speaking of anthologies—a reminder that my historical fantasy story “Kuriko” is out now in Guardbridge Books’s Tales of the Sunrise Lands, and available on Amazon as well as through the Guardbridge Books website.

Original Fiction: “Some Salient Details About Your Former Lives” at Plasma Frequency

I somehow didn’t spot this one when it came out, but I have a piece of flash fiction up in January/February’s Plasma Frequency Magazine.

The story, “Some Salient Details About Your Former Lives,” is very loosely inspired by Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and the character of Agrajag, that hapless multi-mortal being whom Arthur Dent inadvertently kills thousands of times.

Of course, my story isn’t much like Hitchhiker’s Guide. It’s more of a fantasy than anything, and while it does deal with a similar set-up, it shakes things down in a very different way.

Go give it a read over at Plasma Frequency and let me know what you think!

Some Salient Details About your Former Lives, by Stewart C Baker

Sale! Flash fiction to Plasma Frequency

I’ve sold a slipstreamy flash fiction piece called “Some Salient Details About Your Former Lives” to Plasma Frequency magazine.

Not clear yet on when exactly it will be published, but I’m happy to find a home for this one, which has done the rounds at a number of places and always come back to me. (Perhaps apt for a story about two people who continually reincarnate and kill one another?)

The story is sort of a riff on part of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide series—specifically the character of Agrajag, the poor being who was inadvertently and numerously killed by Arthur Dent. Hitchhiker’s Guide was one of those series I read over and over and over again during my formative years, so it’s nice to see a story I’ve written that’s part homage to it and its author find a happy home.