Sockdolager Issue 1 Podcast

The Sockdolager, where my story “Aarne-Thompson Index for After the End of Things” appeared online this spring, has put together a podcast about that issue (which was their first).

I’m not normally one for podcasts (I don’t have the attention span, is what it boils down to), but it’s really fascinating to hear the editors talk about the process and the reasons for their choices for purchasing various stories and/or why they like them. (I must admit I am a little biased in this particular case, since one of the editors says my story is one of his favourite things they’ve published.)

If you like podcasts, fiction, or just that story of mine, go give them a listen. It’s interesting stuff!

The podcast is supported by their Patreon account, so if you like what they do and have the fundage to do so, you should also consider pledging there.