Reprinted Tanka

Reprinted Tanka

by Stewart C Baker

(Trigger warning for gun violence)

this endless dissection
of histories . . .
another gun attack
bursts over the news

Originally appeared in
A Hundred Gourds

the chill
of that long-ago morning
won’t leave her . . .
on the opposite shore
a fawn watches its reflection

Originally appeared in
A Hundred Gourds

of children dancing
in the street . . .
thus do we scatter
like seeds in a hot wind

Originally published in
A Hundred Gourds

after the cull
the quiet of the forest
man doesn’t know
the universe doesn’t care
about the cost of life


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  • Bebes

    I never really thoguht of it that way, but I do have several poems that reflect my memories. Two of them were placed out at the wakes of loved ones one for an aunt and one for my dad.