Now on QuarterReads

Ever had a quarter and wished you could buy a short story or a poem with it? Well, now you can!

QuarterReads is a newly-launched site which lets you load money into their system and then buy original and reprinted fiction and poetry at a quarter a pop.

If it sounds interesting, I have a few reprints and one original poem up over there right now.

Here’s the opening few lines of Mare Serrulatus, which may well be the only sci-fi poem about cherry blossoms on the moon (if it’s not, please give me a name for the others!)

Mare Serrulatus

by Stewart C Baker

after lift-off
fighting gravity’s pull
a sea of cherries
shades the lunar surface
beneath us
in the artificial winds
of the clear domes
the first settlers built them
a fragile beauty
passed down from mother to son
father to daughter
for over a hundred years

Intrigued? Head on over to QuarterReads and you can read the rest!